Whether you sell or buy drugs, guns, stolen credit cards, carding equipment, fake currency or other goods and services, you can use our secure bitcoin escrow to pay and receive payment.

If you pay the vendor directly before receiving goods, he can scam you. If the vendor sends you goods first and then you pay, the customer can scam him.

The only secure way of payment between an anonymous customer and an anonymous vendor is a secure locker controlled by a 3rd party such as our service.

For a moderate fee, we hold the payment securely in a locker on our website until the vendor delivers the goods and services. Customer can either approve releasing the payment to the seller or he can open a dispute in case he did not receive the goods or services.

In case of dispute, we review the transaction and we see which party is right. If the customer received the goods or services but he claims he didn't receive, we will send payment to the seller. If the customer didn't receive the goods or services we will refund the money back to the customer.

Question: How can buyers and sellers trust we arbitrate disputes correctly?

Answer: We keep the commission regardless of whether the money goes to the buyer or seller. It's in our best interest to decide correctly if the buyer received the goods or not because if not, they will spread the word and our reputation will be destroyed. No other customers will trust us. Is better to do legitimate business and help customers and vendors be safe because they will spread the word about us and we will get thousands of more customers.

Buyers and sellers fully anonymous. We do not need personal details and we do not ask for email addresses.

About Escrow Giant

We provide quality services and our customer service is the best

Escrow helps to reduce the risk of a transaction failing. Having a third party hold funds until both parties are satisfied with a transaction. This can be particularly important when using classifieds or other consumer to consumer transactions.

With escrow, the buyer places funds into escrow. The seller will then provide the goods or services as specified. Having received the goods or services, the buyer approves the release of funds to finalize the transaction.

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We Provide the Following Escrow Services

We have a wide range of services we provide to our clients, and we make sure our clinets are satisfied to the later

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Vehicle Escrow Services

Buying or selling a vehicle is a significant event and buyers and sellers alike want assurance that such a transaction will go smoothly.

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Jewelry Escrow Service

Buying and selling expensive jewelry online can be difficult, as it is extremely difficult to spot a scam.

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Boat & Bike Escrow Services

Buying or selling a boats and bikes, whether online or in person, is a significant financial event and buyers and sellers. We are here to help you secure a safe deal.

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Machinery Escrow Services

Buy and Sell Manchinery Equipments Saftely using EscrowLion.com. Get started with our safe escrow platform. 100% secured and fast.

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CryptoCurrency Escrow

Do you love using crypto-currencies? Do you love buying things with crypto-currency? Escrow Giant was created to solve all the problems currently wrong with the type of escrow..

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What Our Customer Are Saying

We are here to serve our clients.


"I have used Escrow Services in the past on numerous occasions for Bond for Deeds. Bond for Deeds provide a very viable avenue to sell homes in a tough market. I find that buyers are motivated to do what they need to do to refinance in whatever time frame is agreed upon. A Bond for Deed allows a seller to get out from under a house note while waiting for the buyer to refinance and get the home in their name. Bond for Deed provides a mechanism to get the property back easily and inexpensively and within a short time frame if, for some reason, the buyer doesn't live up to their obligations. Escrow Services provides good service and offers a quality product!"

Amy S. May

Land Title Investments, LLC

I have had principals from Escrow Services come to our meetings and speak to our agents about the advantages of Bond for Deed transactions in this difficult market. My experience is that they have explained and educated the Bond for Deed process to the agents in the same fashion as they do with their company's clients. They take the time to answer questions along with assuaging any fears buyers or sellers might have in a pragmatic, real life approach. Escrow Services, Inc., has been an integral part in offering options available to our clients in the buying/selling process.

Thea Gegenheimer

Licensed in the state of Louisiana

"I wanted to help my daughter purchase her first home by lending her the money and taking a mortgage on the house. I also wanted my daughter to be responsible to someone other than Dad for payments, handling insurance and tax escrows, etc. I have used Escrow Services to fill this role for the past three years. Their fees are reasonable, customer service excellent, and they deal directly with my daughter. Whenever either of us has had a question there is a real person to speak with that is familiar with our account. This has worked well for both of us and has helped alleviate the concerns we both had about lending and borrowing money from one another. I highly recommend Escrow Services to anyone who has a note that they want serviced"

Charles G. Pennybaker

Avalar Realty Louisiana

"I am writing to thank you and compliment you on your professional staff and attention to customer service. As the deadline approached on filing my amended tax return and claim for the First Time Home Buyer Credit I contacted your office on Saturday of a 3 day holiday weekend to request additional documentation needed by the IRS that was due to them by Tuesday. Evelyn from your office responded to my message within an hour. She made a special trip to your office to email all the necessary information to me that day. I can not thank Evelyn and your company enough for helping me file for and receive this credit. Dealing with people that actually care about you and want to help is refreshing. Keep up that good work and again thanks for all you do."

Sarah M. Foster

Gold Key Realtors, LLC